Arts as Activism


We are a hub for the local creative energy surrounding resistance. Our members bring ideas for projects to the table and collaborate in developing and supporting creative ways to amplify stories, shift narratives, and imagine and fight for another vision. We also strive to be a resource for the greater #GetOrganizedBK community. From sign layout to performance to digital work, our goal is to make resistance colorful, loud, harmonious, innovative, interesting and un-ignorable.

Arts as Activism Listserv: Join 300+ local creatives with a passion for social justice. Request to join the Google Group here.

Creative Resource Database: Volunteer your creative talents to support #GetOrganizedBK’s efforts. Share your info here. Request access to view the database by emailing


Signs & Symbols Team: We develop compelling visuals, slogans and signs that send a message to Trump and our communities about who we are and what we stand for. We also help other groups create signs and images for their work.

Digital Team: The Digital Team is a source of technical expertise and ideas for the local #GetOrganizedBK movement. Our mission is to create opportunities and tools for communication, rapid organization and timely action. The team accomplishes this by building digital infrastructure and providing design and development skills across platforms.

Media Team: We are filmmakers, photographers, audio engineers, painters, sculptors, organizers and more who use our talents to help other #GetOrganizedBK groups tell stories, explain complex ideas and spread meaningful messages.

Arts & Healing Team: We are partnering with the Combating Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia group to integrate art therapy and theatrical techniques into their efforts.

Performance and Music: Our team is still in formation, but we are looking for opportunities to use music, dance and performance for resistance. To join a subcommittee, fill out our sign-up form here.


Are you part of another #GOBK working group and need creative support? Fill out this request form and we’ll try to match you with creatives.


Want to get involved? Tell us about yourself and sign up for updates here. If you have a question that isn’t addressed above, email


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