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The Civic Action group is dedicated to organizing and pursuing progressive politics and supporting progressive candidates in New York and around the country. Because some of our work is political, we meet off-site and receive no financial support from #GetOrganizedBK — but we stay networked with the other working groups for maximum effect. Our sub-groups focus on targeting districts to flip red to blue both locally and nationally, fighting for a true progressive New York State legislature, fostering progressive candidates, and advocating for election and voting rights reform. We are a group that touches many different issues and policies, but are grounded in a unified front to pursue transparent and equitable politics. 



Brooklyn Voters Alliance: This group is dedicated to making democracy work for all New Yorkers. We want to ensure open and fair elections and encourage informed, active participation in our government. We seek to achieve this through reforming New York State’s antiquated voting laws, promoting civic education and building networks with community and nonprofit partners (at the local and state levels) to protect and expand voting rights in New York State.

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Facebook: BKvotersalliance
Twitter: @BKVoters
Instagram: bkvotersalliance

runNYC: This group of Brooklyn residents is committed to identifying current and potential future progressive candidates, encouraging and supporting them to run for office while providing tools and resources to help them win. Our group focuses on potential seats in New York City and New York State local races.

Red to Blue:  This group is mobilizing resources and connecting people at the grassroots level. We help elect candidates in strategic elections to advance a progressive agenda that aligns with our values of justice equality, and tolerance. Learn more at our dedicated website.

True Blue NY: While everyone is distracted by what’s happening in Washington, we have Democrats such as the IDC, Simcha Felder and even our own Governor who are enabling Trump’s agenda.  True Blue NY is on a mission to protect the rights of ALL New Yorkers by passing laws and electing legislators that support progressive values.

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Facebook: makeNYtrueblue
Twitter: @makeNYtrueblue


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