Cultural Exchange & Outreach


The Cultural Exchange & Outreach Project strives to foster dialogue and a deeper understanding across communities in our country by exploring our common ground, differences and shared humanity to become more compassionate friends, neighbors and Americans.

The Cultural Exchange and Outreach Project came together after the 2016 election in recognition that we had too little contact with people whose lives and beliefs differ from our own. We miss a sense of shared community across those differences, and wanted to fulfill our nation’s calling “to form a more perfect union.” Realizing that we have few opportunities to connect with people outside our world in New York, the Cultural Exchange & Outreach working group united in a commitment to reach out to diverse communities and create occasions for sharing perspectives, deepening understanding, and finding commonalities with our fellow human beings within our country’s boundaries. Drawing from our members’ range of experience in writing, theater, storytelling, music, dialogue facilitation, and cross-cultural exchange, we look forward to combining our skills with those of counterparts in other communities to establish foundations for getting to know one another, and sharing a sense of common ground and purpose to become more compassionate friends, neighbors and Americans, and in that, to improve the future for ourselves and generations to follow.



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