#GOBK By Day

#GOBK by Day
Thursday Mornings from 9-10 AM
Uptown Roasters, 355 7th Avenue


The #GOBK by Day group meets Thursday mornings from 9-10 AM, at Uptown Roasters at 355 7th Avenue.  We make relevant and timely phone calls or send mail to local and national figures, plus host guest speakers including local activists and politicians.  Join the mailing list by writing DAYGOBK@gmail.com or join the Facebook group to keep up with updates and announcements.


As a leader of another team, when you partner with us at a Weekly Social Activism Meet-up, you can use our hands to help you create a postcard flood, or work on your protest posters, or have all of us call a local leader about the same topic at the same time, or otherwise help your efforts get a boost from us.  Just contact DayGOBK@gmail.com to arrange a meeting focused on amplifying your efforts.

Join the Daytime #GetOrganizedBK Facebook group for continuing information or to contact us.  These meetings will continue on Thursday mornings, but there may be occasional missed days due to holidays or conflicts – please follow the Facebook group for all updates and announcements.

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