Daytime #GetOrganizedBK


Weekly Social Activism Meet-up

Thursdays 9-10am

Dizzy’s Diner, 230 5th Avenue, Park Slope Brooklyn


As an attendee, when you come to a Weekly Social Activism Meet-up, you can network with other local activists, meet local leaders, and always have a chance to complete a task that will forward a progressive social cause.  Join us and make a difference, any week, every week.


As a leader of another team, when you partner with us at a Weekly Social Activism Meet-up, you can use our hands to help you create a postcard flood, or work on your protest posters, or have all of us call a local leader about the same topic at the same time, or otherwise help your efforts get a boost from us.  Just contact to arrange a meeting focused on amplifying your efforts.

Join the Daytime #GetOrganizedBK Facebook group for continuing information or to contact us.  These meetings will continue on Thursday mornings, but there may be occasional missed days due to holidays or conflicts – please follow the Facebook group for all updates and announcements.

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