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This group advocates for a free press, encourages media that report facts over fiction, and promotes the work of #GetOrganizedBK and its working groups. We do this by supporting organizations that uphold the value of journalistic truth and developing ways to help people better understand the new media landscape so that they can decipher fact from fiction, whether in traditional or social media. In addition, we promote the activities of #GetOrganizedBK’s other working groups and conduct emergency PR responses as situations arise.


Research and Outreach: This group conducts research and determines ways to support the activities of organizations and individuals engaging in courageous political journalism and investigating the rapidly shifting realities of news media.

Mucktracking: This group is working on developing a system for better understanding the sources of fake news.

PR and Social Media:  This group supports and amplifies the work of the Research and Mucktracking groups through traditional and social media. In addition, this group serves as the PR team for GetOrganizedBK, helping to promote the actions of the other working groups.


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The Free Press Group has created a resource guide for defending and promoting courageous, independent journalism. You’ll find an organized compilation of links to articles, videos, websites and podcasts, which we’ll update regularly.

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