#GetOrganizedBK wouldn’t be where it was if it wasn’t for the inspiring work being done by our volunteers. Every week, we’ll be highlighting an exceptional #GetOrganizedBK leader to give you insight into the actions they’re planning, the projects they’re working on, and more. These will also be shared in our weekly #GetOrgBK newsletters. 

This week, we’re highlighting Annie Hirshman from our Digital Team. 

What is your role within #GetOrganizedBK and why did you decide to join the movement?
I’m the facilitator of #GetOrganizedBK’s Digital Team.  I showed up to the first GOBK meeting because after the election, “Don’t just mourn, organize!” was exactly what I needed to hear.  When I saw that I could use my skill set to help this exciting, growing local movement, I raised my hand and got involved!

What do you do when you aren’t busy working with the Digital Team? Job wise? Hobby wise? Life wise?
By day, I work as a User Experience (UX) Designer, creating educational technology in college publishing.  I’m also an illustrator, and in my spare time can be found painting watercolors or taking long walks in my neighborhood, Bay Ridge.

How does the Digital Team differ from the other #GetOrganizedBK working groups? How is it similar? Can anyone get involved?
The Digital Team is different in that we support the actions of all the working groups across GOBK—we’re not focused on one specific issue.  By developing getorganizedbk.org and other tools and methods for organization, we hope to make it easier for groups to find out about GOBK’s work, and for GOBK organizers to collaborate.  There’s a ton to do in this area, so whether you’re a developer, designer, project manager, data scientist or content creator… anyone with skills in digital/tech is welcome to jump in.  Email me at digital@getorganizedbk.org to get involved!

Can you tell us about the Digital Team’s Progressive Hack Nights and give us some insight into how activism intersects with technology?
We’re thrilled to be partnering with other organizations at Progressive Hack Night (proghacknight.org), a biweekly space for groups to work on projects and discuss issues.  The Hack Night connects us with a wider community of experienced activists—those who have been building technology to support progressive candidates, make universal healthcare a reality, help marchers get to protests, and more.  It’s also a welcoming, friendly place for new activists to connect with us, or find a project or group that piques their interest. 

What is the significance of technology in #GetOrganizedBK and activism in the 21st century?
Technology is such an important tool to inform, engage, and mobilize observers into action. Many of us rely on the internet as our primary source of news, and now it’s more important than ever that we pair news with concrete steps that people can take to advocate for themselves, stand up for their values, and protect their neighbors.  Technology is one key part of answering the question: how do we make everyday activism easy and accessible for a wider audience?

What’s your favorite protest chant/sign?
“When Voldemort is President, we need a nation of Hermiones.”