IndivisbileNation BK's "Keep it up Chuck! rally yesterday. (Photo credit: Olivia Rosenkrantz)

            IndivisbileNation BK’s “Keep it up Chuck! rally yesterday. (Photo credit: Olivia Rosenkrantz)

It really is just this simple: the GOP plan is to steal healthcare away from vulnerable Americans (elderly, sick, and poor), in order to give billions in tax breaks to the wealthy.

That is Trump’s plan. That is Paul Ryan’s plan. That is the Freedom Caucus’ plan. And now, it is the Mitch McConnell and the GOP Senate plan, too. Not-at-all surprising, given that it was developed in secret by 13 rich white men (who plan to keep their existing health insurance).

The Senate GOP version of TrumpCare will devastate Medicaid, defund Planned Parenthood, and kick millions of health insurance — which means tens of thousands of Americans will die needlessly every year.

McConnell is pushing for a vote prior to the 4th of July recess. So we only have one week to mobilize. (Don’t be distracted by stories that some of the Republican Senators are saying they won’t vote for TrumpCare. It’s just a game.)

All across the country — and of course right here in NYC — people are organizing. WHARR and GetOrganizedBK activists joined the Planned Parenthood #PinkOut rally on Wednesday night. On Thursday, Indivisible Nation BK helped organize a rally at Senator Schumer’s office supporting in his efforts to block the vote for AHCA (and had good meetings with staff of both Senator Schumer & Senator Gillibrand’s offices).

What you can do right now: Indivisible has identified GOP Senators in 10 states who will determine whether TrumpCare passes the Senate. They’ve put together this great tool to contact your friends & family members in those 10 states, to ask them to flood the lines against TrumpCare.

It looks pretty bleak. Republicans seem willing to consign tens of thousands of Americans to death. But we’ve seen our organizing have real impacts over the past few months. And we sure want to know we did all we could.

Use the “TrumpCare Ten” Tool to contact your friends & family in Alaska, West Virginia, Maine, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Louisiana & Arkansas today.

We’ve got one week.

Whitney and the #GetOrganizedBK Team

P.S. Need something more uplifting?! Join us in #ProudlyResisting on Sunday at the NYC Pride March. The struggle of the LGBTQ community is a reminder that fighting oppression is a long march — but that even amidst hatred, sorrow, and death, there is also joy, celebration, and freedom. We’ll see you there.

#GetOrganizedBK Leader Highlight: Annie Hirshman

Meet Annie Hirshman. She’s a User Experience (UX) Designer creating educational technology in college publishing, illustrator, and the facilitator for #GetOrganizedBK’s Digital Team. The Digital team works hard to develop, create ways to organize and communicate better, and to make it easier for groups to find out about the work we’re doing. Learn more about Annie and the digital team here.

#GetOrganizedBK Community Listing

ASAP Safety Net Defense Group needs your help to support the New York Health Act!
The New York Health Act is a bill creating a single-payer, universal health care system that would guarantee coverage for every New Yorker (medical, dental, vision, mental, reproductive care, and prescriptions, with no copays or deductibles, lowering costs in 98% of households). The bill has passed the Assembly and is only ONE Senator away from a majority in the state Senate.
Sunday, 6/25
@ 9:45 AM
Resist with Pride!
Join GetOrganizedBK, IndivisibleNationBK and other Indivisible and resistance groups as we are honored with a place at the front of the NYC Pride March. Note: If you’re marching with us, please arrive before by 10 AM to march before they close the streets.
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