Safety Net Defense


The GetOrganizedBK Safety Net Defense group is dedicated to protecting safety net programs — including the ACA, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security — and defending Americans’ rights to affordable healthcare.  


Targeting Republican Legislators: Develops partnerships with groups in red states and districts (including Paul Ryan’s district and nearby New York State red districts) to support those constituents in pressuring legislators to preserve the ACA, Medicare and Medicaid.

New York State: Works on state-level efforts to defend safety nets, with a focus on getting a single-payer healthcare program implemented in New York State. Coordinates with Physicians for a National Health Program and Campaign for New York Health in these efforts.

Direct Action: Plans and implements creative, attention-grabbing protests and actions designed to expand the base of activists willing to protest. Pressures Republicans and energizes opposition, pressures and supports our Democratic elected officials, and discredits Republican policies by pointing out their negative effects on real people.

Storytelling: Plans innovative ways to help people tell their personal healthcare and safety net program stories. The group aims to use creative approaches to educate the public, help national organizations advocate on behalf of these programs and the people who benefit from them, and encourage legislators to protect our healthcare and our lives.

Liaisons: Connects to established advocacy and organizing groups to link our efforts to theirs.

Medicaid/Medicare/Social Security: Focuses on defending those programs and on promoting accessibility to all for GetOrganizedBK and related actions.


You can join the Safety Net Defense Google Group here.

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