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Indivisible Nation BK (formerly known as the Opposing Appointments committee) uses the Indivisible Guide as a model for reaching out to members of Congress and pushing them to fight Trump’s agenda. We are demanding that our representatives act on the most pressing threats to our democracy: Trump’s conflicts of interest, the influence of Stephen Bannon in the White House, and the involvement and influence of Russia on this administration. Our mission is to empower constituents to contact their representatives, and to make the process as easy as possible.

We are constantly identifying actions needed. These include encouraging New York’s United States Senators and Congresspeople to speak out boldly, researching legislation on Federal, State and City levels, and connecting to national organizations and interest groups. We continue to conduct regular letter-writing campaigns to Senators, Representatives and Governor Cuomo and are developing resources and media content to fight Trump’s agenda. We aim to act nimbly as issues arise.

Since the beginning of the Trump administration, this group has accomplished the following:

  • Hand-delivered tens of thousands of letters (3,200 signed the weekend of 1/28 alone!) to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand asking them to obstruct Trump’s cabinet of corrupt cronies. Letter-signing events throughout Brooklyn are happening twice monthly.
  • Created a robust Facebook page with daily actions and information.
  • Generated “Flood the Lines” campaigns with targeted call scripts for New Yorkers and out-of-staters to oppose the most egregious cabinet appointments, Executive Orders and Republican legislation. 
  • Met with Rep. Jeffries directly, and regularly meet with staffers from the offices of Senators Gillibrand and Schumer and Rep. Clarke to share our concerns and press them to take bold stances on issues.
  • Hosted Senator Schumer’s State Director, Martin Brennan, at our general meeting.
  • Hosted a “Drinks to Dump DeVos” and “Drinking Liberally” letter-signing events.
  • Co-hosted “Getting Organized for Public Education” at Bank Street College.
  • Hosted a “How to Organize” event with NYC high school students.
  • Helped organize the Free Press Rally with the Free Press working group of #GetOrganizedBK.

We also offer our tools and expertise to assist other working groups within #GetOrganizedBK and amplify political activity on various issues, such as supporting the ACA, the Free Press, and pressuring corporations to denounce the Trump-Bannon agenda.


For more information, visit our website at

Our Facebook page is Indivisible Nation BK, and you can follow us on Twitter at @bkindivisible. Please email us at if you would like to join this group.

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