When you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.

Welcome to the Table!

Who are we? We are a group of Brooklyn community members who are raising funds to support and protect our immigrant neighbors.  We believe that the United States has been strengthened economically, socially, and culturally by people from all over the world who have made America their home.  Grateful for the opportunities to build our lives here, we feel it is our responsibility to support our immigrant neighbors by helping with the costs associated with immigration. We are welcoming people to our own tables as a way to raise funds to help welcome others to the American table. We believe that “when you have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.” (anonymous)

Why this project? Quite simply, many immigrants struggle to afford the fees to renew work permits, DACA authorization*, apply for legal permanent residence (“green cards”), and apply for citizenship.  By subsidizing immigration application fees, we can help individuals achieve more stability in this country, and help the United States fulfill its greater promise of a diverse and inclusive democracy.

*On January 10, a federal judge ordered that USCIS must continue to accept DACA renewal applications.  We don’t know how long this ruling will be in effect.  Help us raise funds now to allow as many Dreamers as possible to take advantage of this window.

How to Host Your Own Party

What can I do? Host a Welcome to the Table fundraising party to help subsidize these costs! Bring together friends and neighbors to eat, drink and share what it means to them to be American or to want to become an American citizen. Contributions from your guests will be directed to clients of Welcome to the Table’s partner organizations Atlas DIY and Center for Family Life, and will be used exclusively to subsidize immigration-related application fees. But how? The Welcome to the Table Toolkit has everything you need to plan a successful fundraising party, including:

  • Sample invitations
  • Instructions on how to collect donations
  • Party planning ideas
  • More information about our partner organizations Atlas DIY and Center for Family Life